Conifer Sister Circle

NEXT MEETING: We will gather at Jo’s home in Evergreen Meadows on Wednesday, July 26, 7:00-9:00 pm. We will be walking out to sit on a sacred rock and we will be drumming (I’ll bring some extra instruments). So, dress for being outdoors. Bring a small blanket if you’d like. (We’ll email you the address during the week before.)

EMPOWERMENT CEREMONY: We will do an empowerment ceremony (will probably take 15-20 minutes of our time) to connect with the Circle of Grandmothers. If you want to learn more about the grandmothers, the primary website is Here is an introductory video about the Grandmothers:

This is a video of an Empowerment Ceremony:

Not everyone may want to receive the empowerment and that is perfectly okay! Only do it if it fits for you and you desire it. If you wish to receive the empowerment, please bring a large scarf on the 26th (If you don’t have one, let me know, and I can bring one). We can repeat this sometime so that anyone who wants to wait, will have another opportunity, after they’ve had time to reflect on this, to make this connection later.

New members are welcome and loved, but space is limited.

To Register for the Sister Circle, click here.

Link to the Global Sisterhood home here or find them on Facebook.